Cardboard People on Fire
Ludum Dare 50: Delay the inevitable
See the cardboard city. See the people catch fire. Listen to the music of the city, or sit by the surf and let the waves wash over you. The flamed ones suffer when on the ground. Extinguish them with your hose if you want. If not they will ascend. You can't win. Any game you imagine is in your head. There is only one truth: cardboard people are on fire.
Chess Hellevator
Ludum Dare 48: Deeper and deeper
In chess, the pawns are the first to fall for their king. They are allowed to move forwards only one square at a time, ever closer towards their doom. But what if a pawn could rewrite the rules? What if a pawn could choose its fate? Undertake a journey to hell as a pawn with such an unholy power.
Potater Toss
Ludum Dare 46: Keep it alive
It’s Pajama Day, and you’re ready to chow down on a yummy potater. Ouch! Ain’t it hot though. Bop that boy ‘till he cools so you can go to munch town. Don’t you EVER let that spicy tot get away from you. You won’t be eating floor potato again.
Aurora Blades
Game Off 2019: Leaps and bounds
After a kilometer-sized comet hit, the whole earth was covered in slippery-smooth ice. Now if you take one wrong step, you'll end up flat on your back. All the old money became worthless—now momentum is the only currency. Collecting all those old-earth seeds might be the only way to have a future worth living in. You'll do anything. It's not that you won't stop; you can't stop. You don't know how.
Void Prisoner
Ludum Dare 45: Start with nothing
Monsters come from nothing, and to nothing they return. You are a thrall. You will spend an eternity following instructions. Create. Destroy. Net gain: zero. Listen to your lord. And don't disappoint.
Dr. Ectomy
Ludum Dare 44: Your life is currency
You are a surgeon: expert in organ removals, replacements, and rearrangement. Your clientele are strange folk with unique ailments. Survivors of your operations pay top dollar, but one mistake and your reputation will be tarnished. "Your life is my currency," you tell each one as they lie down on the table. Anesthesia takes their consciousness. The last thing they see is you looming above, sharp scissors glistening in your hand...
One Button Wizard
Ludum Dare 34: Two button controls
You are an all-powerful wizard with mastery over hundreds of elements, but for some reason you only want to use two of them. Create powerful spells by combining the two elements using only a single button. Fight many deadly monsters, each with their own puzzling attack patterns, or fight a friend in a wizard duel!
Grease Colosseum
Ludum Dare 32: An unconventional weapon
The colosseum looms large in the dry desert. Many beasts champion it: gremlins, ninjas, skeletons, robots. Adversaries of spikes! Evils of fire! What can possibly deliver the colosseum from this madness? Something slippery? You come armed. Boots of haste for rapid movement on a slick surface. Let your enemies slide to their dooms. Let them explode into stars of blood. Let them feel the wrath... of grease!
Spacebank Heist
Ludum Dare 31: Entire game on one screen
On its opening moment, the Spacebank's designer declared it to be unheistable because of the relativistic time effects of its close orbit around a black hole. Someone did a heist in the very next millisecond. Since then, the spacebank has been heisted over one billion times, regardless of the number of armed guards, bombs, trap mines, or missile launchers used to defend it. You are the latest heister, ready to make your space fortune, and it would be so embarassing if you were the first one to actually get caught.