Dr. Ectomy
  • Duane Byer
  • Aidan Mahler
  • Nikole McGregor
Ludum Dare 44: Your life is currency
April 29, 2019
You are a surgeon: expert in organ removals, replacements, and rearrangement. Your clientele are strange folk with unique ailments. Survivors of your operations pay top dollar, but one mistake and your reputation will be tarnished. "Your life is my currency," you tell each one as they lie down on the table. Anesthesia takes their consciousness. The last thing they see is you looming above, sharp scissors glistening in your hand...
Your clipboard describes the goal of each operation. Left click once to pick up an organ, and left click again to place it down. Right click (or CTRL) while holding an organ to rotate it. Don't let organs sit on your operating table for too long, or they might die.